International Client Services

The Investor category provides a simple way to qualify to come and live in Spain.

Spain has long been open to providing visas and entrance for investors wich can lead to the opportunity for obtaining Spanish Residency and Citizenship by investment.

Investors spending a minimum of €500.000 on residencial real estate can be eligible for permanent residency.We can also provide a professional search and selection of property in Spain for the client.

Spanish residency visa can also be obtaing on any of the following cases:

  • Investing at least €1.000.000 in shares of Spanish companies.
  • Depositing at least €1.000.000 in Spanish bank accounts.
  • Investing at least €2.000.000 in Spanish Treasury Bonds.

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We are not Generalists, We are very Selective and We will turn down cases that fall outside our areas of experience.We are not the most expensive and we are not the cheapest. We provide legal services with Lawyers who have more than 25 years experience and success. If you are looking for the cheapest legal firm, we are probably not for you.



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